Grateful for kindly act

Reader Input
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Interesting how a simple act of generosity/kindness can so brighten and inspire, especially in these challenging times. This past summer I signed up for a ceramics workshop at the DeWitt Senior Center. I selected and paid for my project, began my project and suddenly lost interest, leaving my project behind as I spilled out into the summer day. Now, four months later, friend Michele Smith presents me with my finished project, a lovely and glowing painted ceramic turtle, my abandoned project finished off beautifully by a new friend whose name I only know as Donna. Donna, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. You have made not only my day, but my week and month as I look across my kitchen table and see Thomasina the Turtle winking back at me, henceforth a reminder that simple acts of kindness make all the difference and light the dark. Thank you, Donna, wherever you are. Loyce Smallwood, Auburn