Grateful we’re in good hands

Reader Input
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On July 4, I was involved in searching for a lost person at Sailor Flat out of Foresthill. On my way home from this area, to avoid hitting a deer, I was involved in a rollover accident. Sergeant Lyte, Deputies McNama, Orsolini and Reserve Deputy Donnalley all assisted in making me feel protected from further harm. The care they gave me showed empathy, professionalism and thoughtfulness. The Foresthill Fire Department and also the ambulance responded and paramedic Hernandez and driver John let me know I was in good hands. Highway Patrol Officer Spitzer came on a very busy day and with calm and competence made a report. Auburn Faith Hospital gave me stellar care. To have an encounter with these wonderful professionals gives me complete confidence in our very worthwhile and necessary system for emergencies. We are surrounded by caring, knowledgeable and proficient experts who unselfishly spend hours training and honing their skills to be sure we have the best every day. Thank you so much for all the hours, days, holidays you give to make others’ lives safer, more secure and protected. Emergency personnel are fantastic. KATY BERGER, Foresthill