Gratitude for fire safety work

Reader Input
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Deer Ridge is a community of 120 homes located in Auburn. Six common areas were created by the developer for beauty and recreational use for our residents. Gray areas within our CCR’s did not clarify our ability to maintain or clear these areas. For 10 years these common areas had been accumulating debris and were so overgrown that they presented a great potential for fire. We were able to resolve this situation and have just completed fire clearing and restoring beauty and order to these common areas. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone thank that helped us: Placer County and our contact, Lisa Carnahan, for prompt attention and direction. Auburn Recreational District and their contact Pat Shane for their clearing work adjacent to our community. TLC Landscape for advising us and an exceptional job of clearing and debris removal. Ben Wing and his crew at Brushbuster for doing an exceptional job of clearing. CDF/Placer County Fire Mitigation Program Coordinator George Alves, for providing a free green waste bin and information on fire programs. Bill Mendoza and Ron Denton from Cal Fire for advising us on our project. Janine Corby, Auburn Deer Ridge Homeowners Association, Auburn