Gratitude for treasure house

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Ode to our lovely library ladies (and gents, where applicable): As winter’s chill nips at the door, I am inspired to pause my holiday preparations to offer thanks for a true national treasure, our public library system. I am fortunate enough to patronize one of the finest little bookhouses west of the Rockies, right here in our own Placer County. Not just books await me there, however much I may praise them, but daily papers, magazines, DVDs, CDs, computers, Wi-Fi and more, all available for the cost of a nominal membership fee. What a cornucopia of useful knowledge and material! I find myself bemused to overhear the wonder of a mother and her young brood excited to discover that all this booty is available to take home for three to six weeks, with no fees involved (except for those enthusiasts like myself who, occasionally, are delinquent). Through the Placer County library website, it’s easy to access (and renew) any title available from King’s Beach to Lincoln with the click of a button, and did I mention it’s free? In such dire economic times, can the value of such a resource ever be overstated? Before just such riches, despots quake. And at the heart of this jewel, our delightful library staff, always ready to help with any search or reference, recommend material or even submit requests for purchase. And if you’re lucky enough to frequent our Applegate branch, the occasional cupcake or cookie may find it’s way to your lips. Don’t even get me started on the (Friends of the Library) bake and book sales. Do yourself (and those you love) a favor this holiday season and stop in at your local library, and be sure to give the ladies (and gents) a smile and a hearty thanks. Library 2.0. This ain’t your Grandma’s library (or is it?). Zelda Richards, Applegate