Greed reigns supreme over oil prices

Reader Input
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It looks like gasoline will soon be $5 a gallon. If we’re lucky, they will nudge it back to $4.85 or so. This will give us that little feeling of relief and acceptance that they know we need to move forward. This is a game oil companies play so well. Shortly after the new price settles in, the blame game will begin. Plenty of us will blame President Obama. The oil companies will be blamed, as well, when really it is the result of the free market economy that we all claim to admire so much. The oil traders watch the world economy and the sultans of the Middle East like chicken hawks. If the economy shows signs of improvement, up goes the price of oil. If a sheik passes wind, the price of oil goes up. Although we get very little oil from Iran, they have the world oil market flopping like a landed trout. If we produced our own oil, it wouldn’t be like this, right? The price of American produced oil says different. Foreign oil is $119 a barrel, up 11 percent so far this year. Oil produced in the U.S. is $103 a barrel, up 19 percent in the past year. Why would the oil produced in this country, that is slated to save us from ruination, go up so much in one year? Simple, because it can and greed, not nationalism, reign supreme. So the fight is on. I can hear it now, drill baby drill and install that pipeline today! I guess $103 a barrel is better than $119. Don’t forget, though. Somebody will have to pay for all that drilling and constructing. And it won’t be the oil companies. I don’t even think the $21 billion in subsidies we give them each year will cover it! In the meantime, we will have to do the best we can to make ends meet and hopefully keep the American economy moving forward. Here’s what I suggest: Do everything you can to give your money to anybody other than the oil companies. Walk more, share rides, combine trips, slow down, air up your tires and if you have the money, buy a hybrid car. We have to make a stand and stop being slaves to oil prices. PAUL PIERCY, Colfax