Greed is ruining the government

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The U.S. government greatly lacks compassion and respect for “its own people.” Our government has completely lost focus on what is most crucial to the integrity and survival of our country. Their greed over all these years, lack of respect, compassion and concern for their own people is the very reason for our failing country. If they would stop and realize for one moment that the more they continue to suck the life from their people, the greater this problem is going to become. We were strong. We had reason to have pride and respect for our country. But our government is quickly destroying this by stripping American families of everything, including their dignity and self-respect, leaving us with nothing. And they don’t care. Wake up U.S government! Remember who you really depend on for the very existence of “our country” — “your people.” And if you don’t return the compassion, respect and devotion this country has been lacking for a very long time, it is going to continue to “fail” just like you. This is not just one man’s wrong,“but many. SHELLIE BROWNING, Colfax