Ground Zero mosque offends

Reader Input
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Re: Construction of Islamic Center near Ground Zero, NYC. Question: Why should the liberal feelings of “progressive” Mayor Bloomberg, and city officials, trump the feelings of families who lost loved ones in that cowardly attack? Some 2,750 people perished horribly that day, and their families have every right to object to the Islamic Center and mosque which is clearly a political, aggressive, in-your-face affront to those families- and to Americans in general. Build the the project elsewhere! The mayor stated that to say “no” is “not appropriate.” Excuse me, not appropriate to whom? Was it your son, daughter, or spouse who was incinerated or jumped off the Twin Towers to escape being burned to death? And what about those who suffered during and after rescue and cleanup exposed to toxins? Where is your basic sense of decency — or does political correctness trump that also? Bill Harder, Sr., Auburn