Group hosting bear education

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Local residents can get an education in living harmoniously with bears at an upcoming meeting. The Sierra Club Placer Group is scheduled to host its general meeting at 7 p.m. Sept. 28 at the Auburn Library at 350 Nevada Street. The meeting is free to the public. During the meeting, Cindy McAyeal, a trained responder with the Bear Education Aversion Response League will give a presentation including photos, exhibits and tips for living safely in bear country, according to Marilyn Jasper, chairwoman of the Sierra Club Placer Group. Jasper said she thinks the talk is timely because bears are currently fattening up before going into hibernation. “I think this talk is important because … she will be telling people just plain what not to do,” Jasper said. Jasper said as people move into areas with closer proximity to bears, it’s necessary to have education about how to live with them. “As more people move out into wildlife habitats, we are having more encounters with wildlife,” she said. “I think we are infringing on bear territory more than ever and bears are moving in patterns we have never seen before.” ~Bridget Jones