Grownups must take charge in 2012

Reader Input
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There were a few Democrats and the tea party Republicans in the House who acted like grownups and made the tough decision to stop U.S. debt. Then, they were immediately blamed for causing what resulted (stock market plummeting, lowered credit status) by those who passed the actual legislation. They were also called terrorists and hobbits, which violated the president’s call for more civility a few months ago. This is not how grownups behave. It is a tough decision to not raise the debt ceiling because it forces spending cuts now. For the 24 percent of America’s self-identified liberals (according to the June 2011 Gallup poll on the subject) the consequences of cuts now would most likely result in lost reputation, power, maybe even career. It might even cause some lifestyle changes. However, for the 76 percent of Americans who self-identify as either conservatives or moderates, it would likely mean renewed economic certainty and stability, improved trustworthiness in the U.S. Government, increase in overall employment and positive reaction by world markets and credit rating entities. At this juncture, citizens can exercise their civic responsibility to insert their thoughts by attending town hall meetings and calling, writing or faxing their senators and representatives as well as the members of the Super Congress Committee. They are currently in recess in their local districts. Because there are very few legislators acting like grownups, that means that voters will take charge in 2012 — whether they are grownups or not. The need for grownups is not only vital in the political arena, but in the citizen voting arena, as well. You and I, who are very concerned, must go to the polls 14 months from now. We must be informed and prepared, and we must be ready to make the tough decisions, like grownups, in the interest of us all. Grownups must take charge in 2012. CLAUDIA TAYLOR, Auburn