Gun laws won’t protect us from school shootings

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Re: Illinois' new law on guns came too late article, Associated Press. Another gun law, that's what we need. Despite the fact that it is illegal to walk into a college and shoot five people in the first place. But don't worry, another gun law will help. Illinois had plenty of gun laws when the massacre at Virginia Tech happened, but they didn't do any good. And do you know why? Because the person that shot up the school was the only one that had a gun. If all the students carried a gun what would have happened? As soon as he shot one person they would have had him on the floor with a gun to his head, or possibly they would have killed him. End of massacre. Remember Columbine? How come another student didn't pull out his/her gun and shoot those boys? Guns weren't allowed in the school. And what about the second amendment? The right of the people to keep and bear arms? Those boys broke 18 gun laws going into Columbine, and you think another gun law would have helped? Irene Jones Auburn