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Gun owner’s views reflect his personal agenda

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Wally Rushkin’s letter, Your Views of Nov. 2, has interest beyond the election he was speaking to. It represents a poor example of the mentality of a gun advocate in this area. First, candidate Charlie Brown clearly and repeatedly expressed his support of the rights of gun owners in the district in keeping with the policies of the National Rifle Association. This, however, was not enough for Wally. He insists that Charlie Brown tell him again and again in precisely the form that Rushkin provides. In other words, it is not one’s stand on issues that matters as much as his willingness to kowtow to Wally and jump thru his hoops. As a result, Wally attacked him in a letter to the editor saying, “Charlie you can run, but you can’t hide,” Your Views, Nov. 2. It seems clear that support of gun owners’ rights is not the issue here. Wally has his own rather far-right views and was already beholden to Tom McClintock (who he calls “legendary”). He is simply using the guise of a group — the Gun Owners of America — to carry out his own personal agenda. As a longtime weapon owner myself, I have never heard of Wally’s “GOA” and he certainly does not represent any of my views. If there is anyone in this interchange who is attempting to hide his views it is Wally Rushkin, not Charlie Brown. Please Wally, have the integrity to present your personal alliances for what they are rather than trying to hide behind the mantle of protecting gun rights. William Smythe Auburn