A gun would solve the dog problem

Reader Input
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Once again we come across one of those situations where common sense should prevail but doesn’t. Sadly, that seems to be the norm these days. I know there are going to be a lot of folks who disagree with me, starting with PETA, and going on down the line to dog lovers in general, but here goes. In my humble opinion there is only one place for those dogs that attacked that fellow in Auburn last week, and that is dead and buried. Brings to mind a situation I witnessed down in Louisiana some years back. A dog had attacked a person for no reason and there happened to be a policeman in the neighborhood. As soon as the dog was restrained, tied so as not to be a threat to anyone else, the policeman shot him on the spot, no questions asked. Nobody complained and I even think the dog owner thanked the cop for what he did. Now I may be a country boy at heart but I do think this whole problem could be solved for about 25 cents, the cost of a few rounds of .22-caliber ammunition. The dog owner should be responsible for disposing of the dogs’ remains and the medical costs of the victim. And I’d question any further dog ownership by this person. Their judgment is seriously in doubt. Daniel Chauvin, Colfax