Guns are really for the good guys

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Response to “Open carry ban took too long,” (Journal, Oct. 23) A letter to the editor by Miguel Moreno, a student here in Auburn, (shows he) was raised to believe that to use your head was a good thing and I would be first to applaud his parents as using our heads going through life is certainly a good thing. Just as important is recognizing the genius that was our forefathers who penned the Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment to the Constitution was adopted on Dec. 15, 1791 and stands today as a right of the people of the United States to keep and bear arms. I hate to tell you, Miguel, however, the bad guys are always going to have guns and use them inappropriately. What is really at stake here is so much more than whether we can carry our guns visible for all to see. Our rights and values are slowly eroding and our country is not the country that I grew up in. I own several guns and normally they sit in the safe just minding their own business. Once in a while I will go hunting or just go out in the backwoods and do a little shooting. I do not ever remember strapping on one of my six-shooters and visibly walking down the street for all to see. Many law-abiding citizens own a gun that sits in their home for their own protection. If someone chose to break into my home or cause harm to me or my family, we have laws to protect us should we need to protect ourselves. I would hope this would never happen, however the intruder could die or get seriously hurt in the process. It is our right to protect ourselves and our family and we are protected by the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Guns are really for the good guys just the way it was intended. Mike Keeffe, Auburn