Hair care is focus of Auburn’s newest business

Salon G3 opened Tuesday in Old Town
By: Gloria Young, Journal Staff Writer
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When Kim Gray decided to open a salon in Old Town Auburn, she knew she wanted to specialize. My ultimate vision is doing fantastic hair, the lifelong Auburn resident said recently. I feel there are a lot of salons that have the day spa covered. So we want to focus on hair and we'll also have a nail person. Gray's Salon G3 opened Tuesday on Commercial Street with four stylists ” all members of the family. That includes her two cousins and a sister. Another sister will join the group when she graduates from beauty school in June. The nail technician is a family friend. When fully staffed, there will be six. My goal is to hand pick the staff we have, so we work together great as a team, Gray said. Quality of service is extremely important to me. I want a quality control system and have everyone work together. Each staff member will excel in a particular area of hair, she said. Color will be one specialization. Gray is focusing on cuts. Instead of everyone doing everything, we want everyone to do one thing really well, she said. We're going to be doing tons of education to update our abilities. That also means keeping current on trends. Right now, the bobbed haircuts are really in, she said. This is coming off of recent hair shows I've attended. One single hair color is popular, rather than highlights, although that's popular, too. But she's also taking a practical approach. We'd love to try to help (clients) feel comfortable with (their hairstyle), she said. We want to teach them the whole realm of the hair cut and show them what they need to duplicate that hair at home so they aren't left with a haircut and shell shock, and can't do it themselves. One of Gray's longtime customers who will be among the clientele at Salon G3 is Tami Jo Undseth of Auburn who works at HomeTown Realtors. I've been a client of Kim Gray's since (the 1990s), she said. We're also friends. In fact, Undseth recently dramatically changed her hairstyle, thanks to Gray's expertise. I've been blond forever, brown with blond highlights, Undseth said. In October, she gave me a total makeover and we changed it to red and put it into a nice short bob. I would have been fearful if anyone else had done it. It was a beautiful job. And Undseth wasn't the only person inspired by her new 'do. I got a Valentine's Day letter from my husband and one of items in it was that he loved my new haircut, she said. Gray was born in Auburn and went to Bear River and Colfax high schools. Her husband, Doug Gray ” owner of Gray Construction in business for 30 years in Auburn ” went to Placer High. Kim Gray has been cutting hair for 16 years. She started at Hair Depot and then worked at Hair Productions. But as the mother of three little boys, she decided to take some time off and hasn't worked in a salon for the past three years, she said. She's very pleased about the shop's location. We really like the Old Town community and we're really excited about the opportunity to get involved with Old Town and the community in general, she said. And she has even bigger plans. This is a stepping stone, she said. I'm hoping, with my husband's building company, to build our own salon suited to our specific needs in a couple of years. With the salon opening just this week, Gray has just begun to stock hair care products. Eventually, clients can expect to find a variety of choices. One of our main focuses is to carry a lot of retail, she said. We have a stylist possibly joining the salon who could be involved in makeup, so we will carry a makeup line as well. Hair extension is another thing that is big in industry. We'll be offering that. For Gray, having a salon is more than just styling hair. I love the client interaction, she said. I love learning about people and their desires. I love making them beautiful. A grand opening and open house will be held in the near future with refreshments and possible discounts, she said. And how did she come up with the Salon G3 name? We have three little boys. It's G to the third power, she said. My thought was G for Gray ” our last name. Three to the third power is our three little boys. Also at this time, the G to the third power also stands for being grateful for God's grace. Gloria Young can be reached at or comment at