Halt Mexican drug cartels

Reader Input
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Re: “Feds find 32 tons of pot in California border tunnel” (Journal, Dec. 1). With the confiscation of those 32 tons of marijuana I believe we need even more border security against drug cartels. Our country needs to heighten security on the Mexican border because the drug dealers are getting smarter and slyer by making tunnels and secret passages more sophisticated. At the border, patrols need to be in greater numbers as well as underground to find the tunnels and bust the Mexican drug lords. The border patrol and police must also step it up in border towns because each time the Mexicans cross the border they often kill civilian bystanders. Therefore it is the government’s responsibility to control activity in border towns to protect the people they serve. Also, our government needs to continue to add reinforcements to the patrols to win the war on drugs. Adding these extra troops would help the United States start winning the war on drug cartels because then Mexico might start to take care of itself. Therefore we need to take control of our border with Mexico and make the cartels grind to a halt. MICHAEL BUCKMAN, student, Auburn