Hand-up better than hand-out

Reader Input
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In response to Doris Parker’s letter (Reader Input, Oct. 2), may I say: 1) When the Pilgrims founded Plymouth Plantation they formed a communal system where all would work and split the harvest. That system did not last long. They quickly learned that not all people are willing to work equally hard. 2) Miners did not come to California out of a sense of community responsibility. History tells of a rough time with every man working for himself. Hard work and sacrifice led to their prosperity. 3) Rather than resent the prosperous man she mentions, emulate him. He doesn’t owe her anything. He has probably done his share of preparation, hard work and sacrifice to achieve the success he has. This is the American dream – not being taken care of by the government which can only give to us after it has taken away from others. Help those in need get the training for jobs and the incentives to do well. Better to up a person with a hand-up than a hand-out. As for the senator mentioned, all of us would benefit from term limits on Congress. Patricia Maddox, Grass Valley