Hands off historic square

Reader Input
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As an Auburn native and an amateur historian because of my profession as a land surveyor in private practice since 1970, I am appalled at the group that wants to destroy the nomenclature of “Central Square.” References throughout our public records, newspapers, books and videos are to Central Square. A change such as being mentioned will of course harm the pattern that dates to the 1850s. As to the endurance proposal, a quick search of the Internet shows an endless list of cities throughout the world with multiple endurance events. Yes we have the historic Tevis Cup. We also have several ultra marathons that end in Auburn but are they really significant enough to try and change historic patterns? Now that I have offended a small but influential group, let’s discuss another element. All of Auburn is old and historic. Let’s get more of Auburn’s sites designated historic. My suggestion for those who want to change things is to rename the square “Historic Central Square.” One other rather confusing issue is why are they spending several million dollars on a short street improvement when they have a so-called park water detention basin that does not function properly, failure of drainage systems and sewer problems so problematic they may bankrupt the city? RALPH MILLER, Auburn