Hanley a top town advocate

Reader Input
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For Kevin Hanley, Auburn comes first, and that’s exactly why I’m casting my vote for his re-election to the Auburn City Council. Kevin’s tenure on the council speaks for itself. Over the years he has helped balance the city’s budget, endorsed creation of jobs, supported efforts to build parks, sidewalks and bike lanes, voted to keep sewer rates lower and wholeheartedly advocated for arts and recreation. But that’s not all. As chairman of the Greater Auburn Area Fire Safe Council, Kevin created “Project Canyon Safe” to reduce the fire danger to Auburn and its firefighters. Kevin has personally joined in fire reduction efforts on several canyon clean-up days.   Also, Kevin serves as chairman of the “Think Auburn First” project and is a champion for Auburn businesses, jobs and charities. Kevin Hanley has my vote for Auburn’s City Council. Please give him your vote, as well. Joanne Neft, Auburn