Hard questions on health care

Reader Input
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Why are people so upset in the recent town hall meetings? Here are some questions for our enlightened leaders: “Will you require members of Congress to be included in the same health care plan? Will the health care bill and my tax dollars pay for abortions? “Will you oppose any healthcare reform bill that in any way promotes euthanasia? Why is Congress and the president pushing through a health care bill that would cost another trillion dollars over the next 10 years? “Shouldn’t we concentrate on getting the debt under control first? How can government promise to do more with less? Will you oppose any health care reform bill that in any way limits my access to health care or medicines recommended by my doctor? “Why are you imposing additional mandates and taxes on small businesses, which create the overwhelming majority of new jobs, in the middle of a severe recession? Why are you and the White House rushing this bill through Congress and ignoring the concerns of the American people? “Why do you believe bureaucrats can make better decisions than me about what kind of health insurance I should have?” Food for thought America. Let’s take our country back. Dean Forman, Meadow Vista