Hard to support the candidates

Reader Input
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After reviewing the two major candidates for Assembly, I find myself very frustrated. I can’t support John Allard for Assembly for at least three reasons. 1) He has signed a no-tax pledge. 2) He does not want the public to have a say about taxes and refuses to support putting the tax initiative on the ballot. If this tax initiative does not pass, Roseville schools will lose millions of dollars. The school districts will have to lay off teachers and other staff and cut vital programs. 3) He believes the government should be allowed to tell individuals who they can marry and who they can’t. Obviously he does not believe in liberty and justice for all. Strike one, no-tax pledge. Strike two, wanting to cut education. Strike three, his position on marriage. Three strikes and he is out for my consideration. After several phone calls and e-mails, it is very difficult to get answers from the Beth Gaines campaign. One time I called and the person said he would get back to me and never did. The responses I did get from the Gaines campaign seemed confusing, at best. If the runoff is between these two individuals, I will probably pass on voting for the first time in 40 years. Gary Miller, Roseville