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Harvest seals to feed the hungry, prevent extinction

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It’s amazing truly creative solutions to the food and energy crisis haven’t been considered. Recent studies show seal and sea lion populations are so out of control they’re coming into fresh water and up rivers. There’s a strong indication the population explosion of pinapeds is a major factor in the near-extinction of both striped bass and salmon runs along the California coast Controlled cropping and harvest of seals and sea lions would keep their population from becoming diseased or starving to death — two of nature’s cruel ways of controlling overpopulation. In order to help save these precious seal and sea lions from extinction, ecologically minded restaurants in California should serve braised or barbecued seal and sea lion steaks or chops. Americans aren’t fans of fat-laden meat, so we’ll send the meat to those starving in Darfur, Sri Lanka or other “nations in crisis.” A portion of seal and sea lion meat could even save the endangered polar bear! Might Japan prefer seal and sea lion instead of whale? Harvesting seal and sea lions would also provide jobs and allow us to render the blubber, giving California a huge new source of bio-diesel. Manage seal and sea lion population, thereby protecting them from starvation or disease. Save polar bears. Save human life and end hunger. Protect salmon. Keep Japan from hunting whales. Add additional jobs in this economically trying times, as well as a big renewable energy source. Now we have an ecologically sound solution all around. Rocky Warren Colfax