Has Tracy done his homework?

Reader Input
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Ahh, it’s election time in America — time for mis-information, dis-information and half-truths all done in the interest of getting elected. While we in the Auburn community cannot do much about state and national elections, we do have the ability to hold local candidates accountable for their apparent mis-information tactics and ask for more clarity. As such, I would like to challenge Larry Tracy to be more forthcoming in his attempt to get elected to the board at the Auburn Recreation District. Reading his web page (and campaign signs), he states that ARD is complicit in “wasteful spending” and that “professionalism and sound business practices must be brought back to the budget process.” Now, I have a number of friends and colleagues who work for ARD and they have impressed me as being hard working and dedicated even though their organization is underfunded and short-staffed. So, I have a question for Mr. Tracy: Do you have some specific information about “wasteful spending” by ARD? Have you looked at their publicly available financial statements, at independent audits or at state-mandated purchasing policies? Or is it more likely that you are making the assumption that only a conservative businessman such as yourself is qualified to make financial decisions for ARD? Laird Thompson, Auburn