Have the courage to sign your name

Reader Input
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The Auburn Library is such a special place to me — people from all walks of life come here to borrow books, read a bit, attend community meetings. It is a crossroads for our town, and I’m proud of that. So it hurt all the more that a friend’s car parked there with mine and others last evening for a Sierra Club meeting had been targeted because of his Obama bumper sticker. When he came out, two hateful notes were on his car: “F— Obama that (N-word)” and “you need to leave just like him you dumb ass — bye now.” Hard to imagine someone taking time to write these chilling messages in such neat printing as they did, and standing in front of our treasured library. But they also have the freedom of speech and expression, which that library represents, and perhaps they’ll be back to that same library soon. And to that person — if you’re reading this, next time you leave such a note, stand by it and sign your name. I’m signing my name to this letter, and would want the same of you if you choose to leave a note on my car. Heidi Van Zant, Auburn