Have leaders ever taken accounting?

Reader Input
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Sixty-thousand dollars for an LED motion sign (Journal, Feb. 15)? I guess it would be asking too much of our elected officials to cut back on spending. Our schools are in financial trouble, our fire and law enforcement departments have financial problems, but we’re going to spend $60K on a sign. Unbelievable! We need to reduce spending in our city, county, state and federal governments. If our governor is the equivalent of the state’s C.E.O., with a salary of $173,987, there shouldn’t be anyone on our state’s, county’s, or city’s payroll that exceeds the governor’s salary. We must get our governments to live within revenues and balance the budgets. Our elected officials have created long-term debt based upon short-term revenues. Have they ever taken an accounting or economics class? We’ve had our county officials going to Washington D.C. to try and get funding for the Auburn Recreation Area in order to keep it open, yet we have our district’s congressman pushing for the Auburn Dam Project which will wipe out the Auburn Recreation Area. Does this make sense to anybody? Who’s representing the desires of the people here? We can’t afford the parks we currently have, yet we add more, which increases maintenance costs. This madness has to end. We must have balanced budgets in all levels of government. It’s not the role of government to provide “the people” with all of their needs. We must provide for ourselves, make smart decisions and live within our means. Bill Chambers, Auburn