He’ll take Uncle Sam, thank you

Reader Input
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As one who loves the visual and auditory beauty of finely crafted wooden guitars, I must respond to John Nightingale’s use of current federal and international laws regarding rare wood importation to justify his political view of “Fear your government” (Reader Input, Sept. 7). Anyone who makes, plays, or collects these wonderful instruments knows that many species of the finest tone woods are rapidly approaching extinction. Among these are Brazilian rosewood and various ebony from Africa. Did you know that the beautiful koa wood that makes the gloriously golden wood products found in Hawaii would have become extinct had not the government intervened to restrict harvesting to approved farms? Sometimes, John, laws are needed to save ourselves and our Earth. Do you want to see the last elephant killed or never see another gorilla because poachers wiped them all out? Do you never want to see another whale? How about our national symbol, the bald eagle? Try to tell your grandchildren why we killed our icon of freedom and liberty because we just didn’t like the laws protecting them. And John, next time a terrible disaster strikes our country, leaving tens of thousands homeless including yourself, why don’t you call Exxon for help because you don’t like government intervention. Smile when you go pleading to their board of directors. Herb Tanimoto, Cool