He can’t wait for 2012

Reader Input
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It’s become increasingly obvious that legislators in Washington, D.C. are totally insane. After all the trillions of waste including a proposed health care oligarchy, there’s more and worse yet to come. The latest proof of D.C. insanity is a proposed $3,500 “tax break for pet owners.” I know insanity takes many forms, but this is reaching. As a veteran peace officer, I sometimes dealt with people who were on heavy doses of psycho-active medications. They were generally much more lucid than some of our so-called “legislators.” My bumper sticker reads, “It took Jimmy Carter to give us a Ronald Reagan. I can’t wait for 2012!” I’m also encouraged 2010 is even closer to issue ballot box warnings and effect the expulsion of “D.C. demented” legislators. Rocky Warren, Colfax