Headline cast blame inappropriately

Reader Input
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This letter is in response to Roland L. Gaubert’s March 11 letter, “Slow down; let’s stop killing neighbors” regarding the tragic accident that took place on Indian Hill Road last week involving my nephew. Gaubert implied that the cause of the accident was speeding and his use of words was in poor taste. According to the CHP report, speeding was not a factor and my nephew was not at fault. In fact, the CHP stated there was nothing he could have done to avoid the accident. I agree with your message, Mr. Gaubert, that we all need to slow down and avoid killing each other, but these are words a 20-year-old struggling with blame does not need to hear. This has been an extremely difficult time for both families involved. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Fidler family and I wish Mrs. (Robert L.) Fidler a full recovery. We must remember, though, that there are not two, but three victims involved. My nephew is devastated that someone was killed in this accident and he needs to be reminded that it was unavoidable. Lately, this community has been quick to blame the elderly and young drivers in recent accidents. Let’s be sure we know all the facts before we find fault. In addition, I am hopeful the Auburn Journal will think twice about choice of headlines on the editorial page. Your headline was not only inappropriate, but damaging as well. Dan Wilson, Meadow Vista