Health ‘facts’ utter nonsense

Reader Input
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When Willard Schmehl takes pen to paper, logic and truth are invariably the victims. In his brief epistle of July 27 (“Health crisis is fabricated”), one loses track of all the inaccuracies, errors and distortions. Let us recount the worst. Willard asserts: 1. “ABC will provide only Obama-approved facts.” 2. Only 15 percent of the population is uninsured, “mostly children.” 3. A government plan would “outright destroy (sic) the health plans of 100 million people.” 4. “Health care costs are high because of government involvement.” 5. “Obama and his health care proponents are ‘socialists.’” What utter nonsense. While there is much to debate in the Obama proposals, it is safe to say that no truly knowledgeable or thoughtful person who is willing to engage in some basic fact-checking could support any of those preposterous claims. (It is also quite clear that Schmehl has no idea of what a socialist is; that is just an epithet he likes to throw around.) Schmehl callously turns his back on the many millions of honest, hardworking Americans who must do without adequate health care, while he ignores the fact that health care costs remain the leading cause of bankruptcy. A “fabricated” crisis? In a newspaper that revered the journalistic integrity and accuracy of a Walter Cronkite, a foolish letter like his would never make it out of the funnies. TODD WILLIAMS, Auburn