Health care crisis fabricated

Reader Input
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The Obama oligarchy has begun a propaganda campaign to sell the American people on government single-payer health care. The ABC Network will provide only Obama-approved “facts” and ignore all criticism. The goal is to convince everyone that we have a “health care crisis” and only the government can fix it. I suggest that before blindly jumping on the single-payer health care bandwagon, we do some analysis. America has about 305 million people. The unverified number of uninsured is 46 million (15.1 percent), always deviously described as “mostly children.” That means we have 259 million (84.9 percent) that do have health insurance. The government single-payer plan would outright destroy the health plans of approximately 100 million people to provide health care to the unverified 46 million, ignoring the fact that many of the uninsured choose so because they don’t want to spend the money. Other pleasurable activities apparently have higher priority than responsibility for their children. The goal is government control of health care so manipulation of facts is OK. Health care costs are high because we have too much government in the process. Before we destroy our health care system, we should demand government open the market to more competition. Government has hindered competition by closing markets with legislation and mandating various elective health procedures. There is no reason to charge blindly into this. Stop and closely examine the Obama oligarchy’s proposal. We do not want unelected Socialist bureaucrats appointed by Socialist politicians limiting our health care. Willard F. Schmehl, Cool