Health care cures too costly

Reader Input
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The Senate passed and sent AB 810 to the Assembly. It’s a single-payer health care coverage bill for California residents. Either our Senators are immune to our wants or they just don’t care. There are problems in our health care system but I don’t want to throw government self-need and corruption into the mix. Please ask yourself: Do we really want government in control of our health care? Our state budget is upside down. Here are a few of their fixes: raise taxes, raise bridge tolls, increase vehicle registration and furlough our public employees while increasing their own salaries. Supporters state that it will provide every Californian health care coverage with comprehensive benefits and a high quality of care. They don’t mention its cost. Look at their solution to Medi-Cal: cut services to children and raise the age for mammograms, despite the proven statistics of lives saved through early detection. So again I ask, do we want politicians in control of our health care? November will tell! Ed Easton, Colfax