Health care forum brings out selfish whiners

Reader Input
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After attending the Tom McClintock health care town hall forum (Journal, Aug. 27), I came away feeling dismayed at the overall self-centered and selfish tone expressed that evening. There were so many cries of rage against communism and socialism that Joseph McCarthy would have been proud. I heard one speaker say that he didn’t want his taxes going to anyone or anything that didn’t personally benefit him. A health care worker who got up and said that health care is a basic human right and not a privilege was hooted and jeered. Apparently, in the world of the privileged, only the wealthy matter. These people obviously have no problem throwing money at their health insurance companies. The more expensive, the better it is. One of the results of their spending spree is that 45 million Americans, one in five of our countrymen and women, cannot afford even basic health care. Without health coverage, illnesses and injuries are left to fester to often life-threatening outcomes. Those of us in health care see this all too frequently. The current system is literally killing people and those who support it have a lot of explaining to do. Why should it matter since it doesn’t affect the wealthy and privileged? The Pledge of Allegiance proclaims “liberty and justice for all.” Right now, there is no justice for 45 million Americans. “There but for fortune, go you and I,” is expressed in a song. When your time of need comes, the one who lends you a helping hand could be the very one that you had disdained and shunned. Please show some caring and concern and you will be rewarded in turn. Herb Tanimoto, Cool