Health care going to dogs

Reader Input
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In the latest congressional Saturday night massacre, House Speaker Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi was able to coerce, cajole and bribe 220 misguided, ill-informed Congress critters into voting for the largest unconstitutional power grab in history, taking over the finest medical care system in the world. The best-paying job most individuals in Congress have ever had is their current one where they get to vote every year to increase their pay in good and bad times. The vast majority of these self-anointed intelligentsia were failures in private industry if they even tried it before going into politics. Two questions regarding this takeover of nearly 20 percent of the economy are not being raised. Where does the Constitution and the amendments give the federal government the authority to usurp the private sector? What is the federal governments’ record of success running the post office, Medicare, Social Security, welfare, education, energy, environment and everything else they have decided to interject themselves into? It is a record of dismal failure. If this “plan” goes through, my advice is do not get sick. With all due respect to man’s best friend, even dogs will receive better medical care. Carl E. Hass, Reno