Health care a humane offering

Reader Input
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To be creative is to invent something. But, we ask, does the thing invented actually work? Case in point: the commerce clause in our Constitution …the “thing” that needs to work, to make Obamacare work. To make this clause “work,” we must invent new meanings that don’t exist, broaden the clause in subtle, creative ways, or, we simply stand the whole thing on its head and declare … that works! Will the nine Supremes buy this skullduggery? If they do, the mandate stands, and the floodgates open for endless future mandates. We can forget about “a limited government with enumerated powers.” It will mean our Constitution is just a play toy, a device to satisfy huge egos with personal agendas. However, if the mandate is struck down, 30 to 40 million Americans remain uninsured. That, in my opinion, is not right. I’m a Republican, self-insured through Kaiser, who believes strongly in limited government, states rights and personal freedom. But, I also believe both parties need to clean this mess up without big government, unconstitutional Obamacare. Do it some other way. It will cost a bundle, it will mean new taxes, but I’m willing to pony up. Providing health care for those who can’t afford it is not a “civil rights issue,” it’s just the decent, humane thing to do. BILL HARDER, SR., Auburn