Health care industry out of control

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Wendell Potter, a former CIGNA executive, recently testified before the Senate. CIGNA is just the tip of the health insurance iceberg with their exorbitant grab of health dollars. Their CEO makes in excess of $200 million a year and his executives collect added ridiculous millions as they travel on corporate jests and eat from gold plated dinnerware. Why can’t people just follow the money and realize what is going on when reports from Fairfield Life and others expose Cigna Healthcare Profits as $4.8 Billion while claims payments are just $787 Million? Health care executives are paid more than our doctors while they campaign with our money, lies, and ridicules assertions to convince us we don’t need real health care reform or competition. Meanwhile the industry’s excessive profits and salaries are multiplies by each seemingly non-competitive company, because every dollar not paid to a claim is a dollar added to their profits. They insure people with the least risks, excludes people with pre-existing conditions, charge women more than men, rip-off the seriously ill with exorbitant rates, cancels insurance of those that develop severe illness, and increase co-payments for the rest of us whenever possible. Moreover, 47 million American’s have no health insurance and burden tax payers at our hospital emergency rooms. Alexander Hamilton created a real National Bank that competed with private banks keeping them honest; thus protecting our nation’s finances. When Hamilton was killed our National Bank was eliminated and private banks became the stewards of our money economy. We all now know how private banking interests care for our economy and their depositor’s money. Remember, “Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It.” And the private health care industries with their lobby and partisan attack organizations have a lot in common with the banking industry. Plus, if you are afraid of creating another government agency then Medicare could be opened to those under retirement age, because only a public health care option would offer real competition to private health insurance. Worth Crouch, Auburn