Health care reform needed

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Socialism isn’t a dirty word. All of the best health care systems in the world are government run. Ours ranks number 37 in the world. The biggest reason for this is the privatization that started in the 1960s and 1970s. Our system is now too expensive for the average American, and increasing in cost by about 10 percent per year. Even during the health care reform debate, several of the big health insurance companies instituted their annual increases. The opposition to reform is all generalities, shouting, and fabrications. This is because opposition can’t be supported by truth or fact. Just like (the rumor that) Obama is going to take our guns away. This is ridiculous. Again I ask for the truth and facts that support this observation by Mr. Velon (Reader Input, Dec. 31), I suspect it will not be forthcoming because it doesn’t exist. I keep up with the news really well and have to confess I have heard nothing about gun control being on the agenda. If so I would have been upset myself. Perhaps a global government would be an improvement over what ours is turning into. Runaway capitalism and a Congress that is subservient to it have been slowly eroding our freedom and equality. If this is allowed to continue I see nothing but trouble for my country in the future. Michael Douglas, Auburn