Health care will cost U.S. dearly

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“You can’t cheat an honest man.” So the saying goes. The dishonest man seeks an advantage by cheating another. When charlatans pick out a victim they know it is necessary to get the subject to believe they are going to receive the advantage they seek at another’s expense. An honest man has no interest in the deal since he is not interested in anything that is not justly due him. Welcome to the health care takeover. The dishonest victims who can’t wait to get something for nothing are about to make sure we all get nothing and it’s going to be the most expensive nothing we’ve ever gotten. The fact that those who will pass this legislation have made sure they are exempt from it escapes the attention of the dishonest dupes altogether. Nature provides us with a similar example of this phenomenon. A deer will stare into the headlights of an oncoming vehicle and remain motionless until impact. They never know what hit them. The reason the deer don’t move is because they honestly have no idea what is about to happen. It’s the same with those who think they are really going to get health care and it’s going to be cheaper and better because the government will be in charge of it. The big difference between the supporters of government health care and the deer is the deer has no desire to get something for nothing. And the deer didn’t choose to be stupid. John D. Seither, Alta