For heaven’s sake, bring back Dave in a.m.

Reader Input
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Several weeks ago my alarm went off on a Monday morning. I thought I died and went to heaven! I’m listening to Dave in the a.m. on KAHI again! But wait! Naw! He’s just subbing. Please KAHI, bring back Dave to the a.m. in the foothills. Anyone reading this who agrees: write KAHI saying you want Dave back in the a.m! We want a little bit of heaven on earth in the morning. We can’t wait till most of us are in heaven to listen to Dave in the a.m. for eternity. Write on! Write now! Now to change the subject, some Downtown business owners say there comes a time when we all must sacrifice something at one time or another. So, it’s OK to put up with the several months of inconvenience of the Streetscape construction and any loss of business, but Downtown owners can’t stand the inconvenience of one day for the Black & White Ball. May I go home with you for a good night’s sleep? Then I wouldn’t have to listen to jackhammers, big truck engine noise, backhoe buckets scraping asphalt, backhoe back-up beep-beep-beeps, concrete being dropped into the metal truck bed, etc. SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn