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Reader Input
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Recently Gov. (Jerry) Brown extended the moratorium on gold (suction) dredging in the state of California until 2014. This adds up to five years of not dredging in this state. Gov. Brown’s refusal to fund a study by Fish and Game on the effects of dredging is shameful. Currently California is losing more jobs than any other state. This is just one example how California continues to show it’s anti-business environment. As a retired person who happens to be an amateur prospector, I spend an average of $1,000 a year on my hobby. If I add the cost of my guest that accompanies me and the claims renewal, that price increases dramatically. With unemployment in California over 10 percent, this is just an example of another job-killer. As for how many jobs are lost, the exact number is unknown. My money will be spent this year in Oregon. They welcome amateur prospectors like me and others that enjoy the hobby. The only business in California that is thriving is that of the environmentalists. California does not seem to have a shortage of environmentalists and the ring of political terror they dish out. Our politicians answer more to environmentalists than they do their own constituents. If these same environmentalists wanted to ban flush toilets, I guess we would all be going outside. I call for all of those who want to take charge of this state to move forward. Let’s create jobs in this state, after all, people pay taxes, not the environmentalist polices. GARY L. MARTINEZ, Auburn