Help children eat healthfully

Reader Input
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I am a seventh grader at E.V. Cain Middle School in Auburn. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17 percent of American children are obese. This is a growing problem that will have a negative impact on our society if not reversed. First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a campaign to combat the American obesity problem. This program is called Let’s Move and encourages Americans to eat healthier and exercise more. My school could help this effort by serving healthier meals in the cafeteria. We are offered a variety of fried and starchy foods at lunch including pizza, burgers and fries. For breakfast, we are served French toast and pastries when we could be eating healthful cereals and fruits. Instead, I would like to see more fresh meats, vegetables and fruits. I know it is hard for the cafeteria staff to prepare healthy food for all the kids when there isn’t a big budget but I hope they are challenged by Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move program. We take physical education every day and are offered lots of sports programs. In addition, I would like to see a class on nutrition offered. MAGGIE SWETT, student, Auburn