Help economy, middle class

Reader Input
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By coming together as a union, workers can negotiate for fair pay and family-supporting benefits. And that’s exactly what we need to get the middle class — and our economy — back on track. But instead of focusing on the economy, corporate-backed politicians are attacking the National Labor Relations Board — playing the same old political games Americans are tired of. So, it’s a relief to see a positive development for workers in time for Labor Day. The National Labor Relations Board, an independent agency charged with safeguarding workers’´ rights, has taken a step in the right direction with a proposed rule that would ensure employees have a fair vote on whether to form a union. 2011 marks a tumultuous year for workers’ rights. With millions of Americans struggling just to make ends meet, our leaders should be protecting the workplace rights that made our communities and our economy strong, not tearing them down. Scott Johnson, Auburn