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Reader Input
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In these troubling times it is imperative that public education be the best it can be for it is the backbone of this nation’s future. One such person to fulfill this role is Michael Leydon, incumbent candidate for the Newcastle Elementary School District (NESD). He strives to have the NESD operate in a responsible and accountable fiscal manner, recently saving the taxpayers $28,000 by refinancing the school gymnasium bond. Consequently, they offer a full range of courses, programs and elective enrichments for the students while protecting the teachers who have raised Newcastle’s Academic Performance Index score from 749 to 878. He is committed to offering the students and parents as great a choice as possible in meeting their educational needs as witnessed by the opening of two project-based independent study charter schools. As a nine-year member of the board, he has served twice as clerk and three times as president, validating the confidence his peers have in him. He carries out his duties with integrity, energy and a commitment to honesty, fairness, responsibility and accountability. Michael Leydon is a proven winner and leader. Elect him this November and continue to reap the rewards of your decision. DONALD A. BROPHY, executive dean emeritus, Sierra College