Help out your library now

Reader Input
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My love affair with the written word started at home with my mom reading to me but came to full flower at the local library. As a kid, I spent countless hours there, lost in Nancy Drew mysteries while my brother pored over the adventure tales of Robert Louis Stevenson and mom browsed magazines. Then we’d all load up books to take home. To this day, I’m still a big library fan, especially of the Lincoln Public Library at Twelve Bridges and the Carnegie Library. Not everyone realizes how much public libraries have modernized. Public libraries offer more than just books. They offer fun, education and entertainment. There’s free computer use and Internet access (a key resource for those who can’t afford or don’t get Web access at home. Libraries offer movie rentals and screenings, CDs, children’s programs, seniors’ programs, and free or low-cost seminars. And they are a major help in job hunting. Add e-books, classes, homework help, tutoring and more that the library does and you can see the vital role the library plays in our education system. Sadly, libraries could close their doors, largely due to city budget cuts. That means our communities are losing access to a key support and education facility. We can all help but there’s no time to lose. Take your kids, parents or grandparents to the library; organize a read-in or make a donation. If you’d donate to save polar bears, why not donate to save a library from extinction? We don’t want to lose either but losing a library could have a much more immediate impact on your community. Lora Finnegan, Lincoln