Help stop the gay agenda

Reader Input
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Senate Bill 48, effective January 2012, mandates that all California school textbook content include, and all teachers teach, in a positive, promotional way, homosexual lifestyles (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, cross-dresser, drag queen) to all children in all subjects K-12. Will the following be California’s new homosexual “curriculum” for your child? Math: Little Johnny and his dad and his dad went shopping. How many members of Johnny’s family went shopping? If you answered three, you’re indoctrinated. Social science: Jenny’s mom and her mom’s wife adopt a baby boy. Literature: Jack loves to see himself in his mommy’s slip. A play: “The King Marries the King.” These are not jokes, folks. It’s real. It’s now. Don’t be fooled! Facts: Nowhere in SB48 is bullying mentioned. School charter laws already protect against bullying. And, it’s not about history. It’s about sex. So why children? Julia Harrington, West Sacramento