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Reader Input
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After reading Diana Pryor’s stirring defense of Fox “News” (Reader Input, Feb. 22) and seeing many other opinions in the Journal that can only be described as Obama hatred, I have to come to the defense of our president. He has halted an economic slide into the abyss. He has made the tough decision about Iraq and Afghanistan. He has brought all sides into the effort to make affordable health care available to every American citizen. Sometimes the rhetoric drummed up by Fox “News” and others with purely political agendas drowns out the fact that he is trying to do what is best for the American people. After all, at one time, wasn’t the duty of our elected representatives to be public servants? Being a public servant does not mean catering to those that shout the loudest and can’t see beyond their own narrow view of life. What I would like to see in these columns are comments of those Americans who are tired of all this bashing and just want to see our country move ahead. President Obama has shown the willingness to work with all sides and listen to all views. He does not wish anyone to fail, least of all our country, and I have not head this from those whose views are so colored by hate. Herb Tanimoto, Cool