Help your child defend against bullying

Reader Input
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We have a bigger problem than economical problems, at least in schools. It’s called bullying. There are many types of bullying: cyber bullying, physical bullying and harassment. Suicides are being committed because these kids think it’s funny to tease. The results of bullying acts are devastating. A 13-year-old boy named Asher committed suicide on Sept. 23. He was bullied for two years. So, he ended the bullying the wrong way. I know everyone, including parents, always tell their children not to bully, or ignore them and they’ll stop, or go tell an adult. Kids don’t believe that. It does work, though. I was bullied last year, and I ignored them and told an adult, and soon enough they got tired and stopped. My sister, Mackenzie, always tells me, “This is such a small part of your life, and as you get older none of this will matter.” Maybe if you tell your child or children that, it will make them feel a lot better. Make sure our children understand what to do if bullies confront them. Natasha McGown, student, Auburn