Helping hand was appreciated

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Thank you Vicki Smith and Bel Air Market We all know it is the touch of the human hand and the sound of the caring voice that make the difference in our lives. The other day, as I prepared to leave the Bel Air Market my car made that dreaded of all dreaded sounds, a dead battery. I was sitting in my car with that what do I do now look on my face. Maybe because I was in the handicapped parking area and alone, it prompted a delightful young courtesy clerk to ask if I needed help. She immediately took out her cell phone and made arrangements for a tow truck to come to my aid. Next she removed the five bags of groceries I had just purchased from my trunk, to place them in the air-conditioned store to wait the 40 minutes for the tow truck. What certainly would have been a very trying experience for an 81-year-old lady, turned out to be a feeling of being cared for, even in the parking lot. Why would anyone ever shop anywhere other than Bel Air? Thank you, Vicki, for your caring support. Thank you Bel Air for encouraging your staff to be aware of the needs of your customers. NORMA WAGNER, Auburn