Her life enriched by Auburn Greens

Reader Input
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Pastor Rob Patterson’s story (Journal, May 29) of why he and his wife chose to live in the Auburn Greens was most welcomed. I, too, chose to live here for many reasons. I like having neighbors from different ethnic backgrounds who tend to treat older people with respect, the sounds of children playing, the acres of lawn and trees and the beautiful and safe Regional Park where I walk daily. My two grandchildren live in Ohio and I do not see them very often. I have learned to befriend children near me, and I am most fortunate to have two sweet girls next door who come over to play, read books and garden. Having traveled to many foreign countries, I have found if I am friendly, others respond in kind. And so it is here. Auburn Greens represents America in its diversity, and my life has been enriched by living here. Thank you to the Auburn Journal for printing Pastor Patterson’s enlightened article. Golda Clendenin, Auburn