Here is a way the people can retake the power

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I have been watching our elected officials working hard to make sure the wealthy get paid by bankrupt corporations like AIG while we, the taxpayers, get stuck with the bill. Are you tired of electing people who don’t work for you, who don’t care about the very people who voted them into office? Our legislators know that most Americans oppose the bailouts or, at minimum, how they have been administered, but they simply don’t care. They do whatever their special interest lobbyists want, not what we want. Despite this behavior, we, the people, seem to keep electing the same people over and over again, the very people who caused many of the problems we’ll be paying for for generations. Even when we elect somebody new, it’s only a matter of time until they become part of the problem rather than part of the solution. It doesn’t even matter who is elected president. The elite and the corporations always prevail against us. Term limits are out of the question because Congress would never vote in favor of something so against their own entrenched interests! So how can we get in front of this mess? I think the best answer is to get our state legislators to support the concept of national “binding” referendums. This would require the U.S. Constitution to be amended so initiatives, similar to what we have here in California, could be voted on directly by the citizens of the U.S. on a national ballot. Imagine being able to vote for congressional term limits, real campaign finance reform, pay and retirement benefits for Congress – and that’s just the beginning. I encourage everyone to seek out and work to support this concept. I think it’s the only way to put the power back where it belongs, with we, the people. Norm Hinman Auburn