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Surely William Thaddeus could have taken the high road by doing his own research on tax cheats and on who promotes and funds the Liberal agenda in America. Instead he chose insults and name calling. He states my comments were made “…without a shred of documentation, evidence, or providing a source.” So he wants specifics! George Soros is worth 7 billion dollars. To avoid taxes, his money is kept in a Quantum Fund located on the tiny island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. In one of his many crusades, he spent an estimated 24 million to defeat Bush. In 2003 he pledged 5 million to a smear website to discredit anyone challenging Democrats. Ted Kennedy’s money is stored in a trust in Fiji to avoid paying taxes. The Clintons use illegal tax write-offs to avoid paying taxes. Their most infamous scam was deducting a real estate investment (Whitewater) where they never invested money. Thaddeus disagrees that unions are “special interest groups” shaping the politics of our state and nation. Proof—note who sponsors the misleading advertisements that flood radio and T.V. during election time. The CA teachers union spends millions in promoting the Democrat agenda and supporting candidates with money extorted from teachers. Lastly, Thaddeus would like the sources of my information. Well, Google works for research on any topic or person. Fox News exposes much of this information. I recommend a paperback called Do As I Say (Not As I Do), by Peter Schweizer. Dianne Foster, Foresthill