Heroes kept fire from worsening

Reader Input
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First, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to all of the victims of the 49 Fire on Aug. 30. I also have family that lost their home and belongings. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what you have and are going through. Many people also lost their pets that were part of the family and I am so sorry! I must say that we all need to stop and thank God that no one was killed. I know a lot of you are upset and are getting down on the fire departments, but you must stop and realize the conditions of that day. It was very hot and very windy. It amazes me they were able to stop that fire when they did. I think we all know if that fire had burned through Saddleback, into Christian Valley, Meadow Vista, etc. would have also burned and so on. So, everyone needs to stop and thank (your) God, the everyday citizens that stop and took action and risked their lives, The Placer County Sheriff, CHP, the firefighters from all surrounding counties, CDF, The air tankers/bombers, and the helicopters. Thank you. A special thank you too: the 17 fire trucks, 10 air tankers and anyone else who fought and conquered the head of that fire on Dry Creek Road. You stood your ground and won! If you had not, we would have lost many, many more houses, towns and maybe lives, also. You are true heroes and you’re awesome! Jill Cummings-Hack, Meadow Vista